The Double Coin RR905 is a wide base long and regional haul truck tyre for free rolling applications.

  • Construction with heavy ply rating for multiple uses
  • 5-rib design for excellent free rolling applications
  • Durable carcass for long life performance and possibility of multiple retreads

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Double Coin RR905
WidthAspect InchLoad indexSpeed indexoverall diameter mmSection width mmTread DepthRIMWeightm+S3pmsfSingle Max Load/PressureDual Max Load/PressurFuel eff classWet grip classRoll noise valueRoll noise classSnow performanceIce performanceEPREL
3856522.5160K10703801611.75756086YESYES4500kg /9 BarCB72BEPREL Database
3856522.5160K10703801611.7574.7YESYESCB72BEPREL Database
3855519.5156J9963761612.25597617YESYES4250 / 8,5 BarCB72BEPREL Database
3855522.5160J9963761612.25664681YESYES4500kg /9 BarCB72BEPREL Database
3855519.5156J9963761612.2564.1YESYESCB72BEPREL Database
3855522.5160J9963761612.2570.7YESYESCB72BEPREL Database
4355019.5160J9324361414698011YESYES4500kg /9 BarCB72BEPREL Database
4355019.5160J932436141469.6YESYESCB72BEPREL Database
4454519.5160J898446141567.4YESYESCB72BEPREL Database
4454519.5160J8984461415674276YESYES4500kg / 9,3 BarCB72BEPREL Database