About us

Shanghai Tyre & Rubber (Group) Company was founded on 19 June 1990 as a strong union and merger between the two largest Chinese tyre manufacturers, Shanghai Dazhonghua Rubber Tyre Factory and Shanghai Zhengtai Rubber Tyre Factory, both established in the 1920s as the first tyre manufacturers in China. It became a listed company in May 1992, issuing shares for the first time in the domestic tyre industry. The company was renamed Shanghai Tyre & Rubber (Group) Company Ltd and in May 2007 renamed Double Coin Holdings Ltd.

Double Coin has become more popular every year since then. The slogan ‘Driven the world over’ reflects the quality of our tyres, which is proven worldwide. Double Coin is therefore regularly chosen as the perfect alternative to the well-known A-brands. In addition, Double Coin supplies tyres to a growing number of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of trucks and trailers. Our ambition is to be the first choice in the transport sector.

Our strength:

Exceptional quality. Extremely low kilometer-price ratio. Extensive assortment.

Thanks to our craftsmanship and innovativeness we develop durable tyres with a reliable construction and unique rubber compound. Another advantage is that most of the Double Coin tyres are retreadable, which guarantees long life performance.