The Double Coin RT600 is a premium low profile truck tyre for multiple applications and all positions: steer, drive and trailer.

  • Developed for long and regional haul applications
  • Protected sidewall ribs to protect of external damage (curbs, cuts and abrasions)
  • Outstanding handling, traction and lateral stability

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Double Coin RT600
WidthAspect InchLoad indexSpeed indexoverall diameter mmSection width mmTread DepthRIMWeightm+S3pmsfSingle Max Load/PressureDual Max Load/PressurFuel eff classWet grip classRoll noise valueRoll noise classSnow performanceIce performanceEPREL    
1022.5144/142M50.52DB71BEPREL Database
2056517.5129/127 (130F)J71120513624.71850kg / 9 Bar1750kg / 9 Bar
2157517.5135/133J77221613628.75YESDB70AEPREL Database
2157517.5128/126M77221613628.7DB70AEPREL Database
2157517.5135/133J772216136291486YES2180kg / 8,6 Bar2060kg / 8,6 Bar
2357517.5132/130M802232136.7532.9DB70AEPREL Database
2357517.5143/141J802232136.7532.9CB70AEPREL Database
2457019.5141/140K84424614.57.53728922575kg / 8,6 Bar2500kg / 8,6 BarDB70AEPREL Database
2457019.5136/134M84424614.57.53692562240kg / 8,3 Bar2120kg / 8,3 BarCB70AEPREL Database
2457019.5136/134M84424614.57.536.7DB70AEPREL Database
2457019.5141/140K84424614.57.536.9CB70AEPREL Database
2657019.5143/141K87325514.57.54131912725kg / 8,6 Bar2575kg / 8,6 BarCB70AEPREL Database
2757022.5148/145M96428014.58.25519241YES3150kg / 9 Bar2900kg / 9 BarCB73BEPREL Database