RLB450 / RLB451

The Double Coin RLB450/RLB451 is a regional and long haul truck tyre for drive positions.

  • Innovative open shoulders for outstanding traction and even wear
  • Deep tread depth for excellent mileage
  • Heavy-duty carcass for strength, stability and the possibility of retreading

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Double Coin RLB450
WidthAspect InchLoad indexSpeed indexoverall diameter mmSection width mmTread DepthRIMWeight3pmsfSingle Max Load/PressureDual Max Load/PressurFuel eff classWet grip classRoll noise valueRoll noise classSnow performanceIce performanceEPREL 
2958022.5152/149M106229623962.7YES3550kg / 9Bar3250kg / 9BarDC73BEPREL Database
3158022.5156/152L109831523973.3YES4000kg / 8,3Bar3550kg / 8,3BarDC73BEPREL Database
2857019.5145/143M44.4DC73BEPREL Database
2956022.5150/147L92629219948.9YESDC73BEPREL Database
3157022.5152/148M102631319964.9YESDC73BEPREL Database
3158022.5156/152L109831523973.4YESDC73BEPREL Database
3157022.5152/148 (154/150L)M102631319965.9YES3550kg / 8,5Bar3150kg / 8,5Bar
3156022.5152/148L96031819.59.7561.7YES3550kg / 9Bar3150kg / 9BarDC73BEPREL Database