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vergroot/verklein RT606 RT606

The RT606 is a regional and all-position tyre built especially for urban and regional bus applications.
Its 5-rib design promotes precise handling, lateral stability and superior traction.
The RT606 is built to resist cuts and abrasions and perform well during the daily challenges an urban and regional tire faces.
Reinforced sidewall to prevent the tyre from damage in urban use.
Enhanced tread compounds and siping fight irregular wear and provide long life. The 5-rib design with wide shoulders enhances durability, traction and even wear. Deep 19 mm original tread depth allows for longer wear in regional high scrub applications.

specification  Specification
Item Code Tire Size Load Index (S/D) SI Ply Rating Overall Diameter (mm) Section Width (mm) Tread Depth (mm) Rim Width (inch) Weight (KGS) Single MAX load / pressure (KGS/PSI) Dual MAX load / pressure (KGS/PSI) brandstof grip decibel geluid
295205 295/80R22.5 152/149 L 18 0 0 0 60 D C 72 2
258477 275/70R22.5 152/148 J 18 972 283 19 8.25 60 3150/131 2900/130 D B 71 | |