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vergroot/verklein RR4 RR4
Double Coin's RR4 is a heavy-duty on and off highway drive-position tire with a deep tread depth for optimal traction. The tread pattern design is well suited for both severe applications both as highway. It offers both low noise on highway and high cut resistance off-road. Extra strong construction to protect against punctures and impacts.
specification  Specification
Item Code Tire Size Load Index (S/D) SI Ply Rating Overall Diameter (mm) Section Width (mm) Tread Depth (mm) Rim Width (inch) Weight (KGS) Single MAX load / pressure (KGS/PSI) Dual MAX load / pressure (KGS/PSI) brandstof grip decibel geluid
173279 1200R24 160/157 K 20 1220 304 17 8.5 78 4185/120 3675/110 D C 76 | | |